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Data wiping software which will help you to erase all data from hard disk in the most secure ways possible.

Erasing data

You can erase all your data from hard disk the fastest and safest way possible


Generated and send your clients Certificate of Data Erase with all data needed to confirm the process

Many solutions

Choose one of many methods to erase your data from the fastest to the most secure

check what if XORIN can help you

Secure Fast Complete

Download our free software and test it unlimited. If you will need more performance and options you can expand your free version

See all version available for Xorin users. Start with free version and slowly expand your license. Download now.

perfect for personal as well as commercial use

We offer dedicated hardware solution with many configurations suited to your needs

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Xorin wipe data software

Our Best


You can erase your drive in many ways, thanks to methods that we have implemented


You can erase your drive unlimited times. In our free version we do not limit quantity of erasing


You can see your history of erasing on your website profile

Always up to date

We are developing our software for you and we are trying to make it more and more complex

Xorin HDD Data Erase Free Software

Not only HDD

Our software can also erase SSD drives, as well as SAS drives


You can generate certificates for you or your clients as a proof of erasing​


Give us a feedback so we can improve our software to fulfill your needs

Technical support

We are here to help you with implementing our software. In case of any problem, we can help you


Newest updates


Xorin has been programmed to make your life easier. Our software can delete all data on your hard drive and generate certificate of erasure. We also offer hardware solution called Erease Station. One of the adventages is as many HDD slots as you need. 

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